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Here are some of my favorite web sites.

  • PubMed
    • The PubMed site is the premiere site for finding scientific publications in Biomedical Sciences.


  • Jacques Paillard
    • Jacques Paillard was a leading French Neuroscientist and a great intellect. He contributed enormously to systems neuroscience and to bridging Psychology and Physiology into an integrated field, Psychophysiology. Of equal importance was his influence and contribution to the training of many leading French Neuroscientists (e.g. F. Clarac, Alain Berthoz, J. Massion, M. Jeannerod, etc.).who went on to train yet another generation.


  • Arthur Prochazka
    • The best combination of Engineer and Physiologist. One of the best sites of its kind around, with lots of ideas explored.


  • Carl Van Vreeswijk
    • Carl was my long time friend and eminent theoretical neuroscientist. Sadly, he died on April 13, 2002. I miss Carl a lot.








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